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March is Community Engagement & Action Month

We have teamed up with the Community Engagement Center (CEC) to connect you with current students in collaboration with our local community partner sites for a month-long engagement and action service event. 

Below you'll find information explaining how best to get involved and who to contact for more information. 

REQUIRED – Pre-Brief/ De-Brief
It is very important to us in the CEC that community engagement is carried out thoughtfully and in ways that minimize risk to our partners and develop understanding about the greater socio-political-economic contexts of our local communities. For this reason, all participants are required to attend a pre-brief and de-brief either in person, locally, or through alumni networks or electronic format non-locally. These sessions can take about 1 to 1.5 hours each.

The pre-brief includes important considerations for working within marginalized community contexts, ethics and a discussion about social justice and charity as a spectrum.

The de-brief will include facilitated discussion based on prompts aimed at getting participants to identify where their work was situated on the spectrum; initial feelings and observations during the activities; broader societal implications locally, nationally and globally; how this relates to a Pitzer College education and our value of social responsibility; and most importantly, how you can continue to take action toward justice after this project.

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center – Pomona, CA
The mission of the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center is to provide an opportunity for day laborers to find safe work at a fair wage, to organize and advocate for themselves in relation to policies that impact their lives, to obtain new trades and skills that improve their employability and quality of life and to improve the overall conditions for all immigrant workers. Participate in marches, rallies, events, actions, canvassing and flyering. Ability to communicate in Spanish during a brief conversation with the Hecker Community Fellow is required. For more information, email Karen Kandamby '15 at

Prototypes Women’s Center – Pomona, CA
Pitzer Professor Laura Harris established the partnership with Prototypes Women's Center, a residential treatment facility for women who are seeking to recover from substance abuse in a child-friendly environment. Prototypes integrates and coordinates services for vulnerable women, including those with mental health issues, trauma in their past or present and/or health issues. Your help is needed to research and assemble a Guide to Expungement (a legal process that allows people to petition for the removal of criminal charges on their records), which the clients can use once they have completed their treatment at Prototypes. Additionally, help is needed to coordinate a job fair featuring felon-friendly employers to provide the women with much-needed job opportunities. A conversation with CEC Assistant Director Tricia Morgan '08 is required to determine placement. For more information, email Tricia Morgan '08 at

Native Programs, Claremont, CA and Upland, CA
The Chaffey Communities Cultural Center and Pitzer College students have teamed up to design, build and cultivate a Living Tongva History Garden. Your help is needed to help maintain the Tongva Living Garden, which seeks to represent 500 years of growth in the area; help is also needed to staff a Pitzer booth or provide other needed services during the 4th Annual Pow Wow at Pomona College; lastly, assistance is desired to prepare for the Native Summer College Access Program (community outreach, promotion, design, development, etc.). For more information, email
Scott Scoggins '10, Native American program coordinator, at

Huerta Del Valle – Ontario, CA
The Huerta Del Valle mission is to cultivate an organization of community members to grow organic crops. Through growing our own food, we work toward sustainable community empowerment and health: creating meaningful work, building lasting skills and developing strong relationships within the city of Ontario. Just west of Bon View Park, it's the city's first urban farm and community garden. More than 6,000 pounds of produce was sold to nearby restaurants and farmers markets in the last season. The revenue generated is then used to pay for the operational costs of the garden. There are now 62 families who maintain a 20-foot by 10-foot plot of land for only $10 a year. For more information, email Arthur Levine '14, Pitzer in Ontario Fellow, at

Step Up – Los Angeles, CA
Step Up propels girls from under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, college-bound, career-focused and ready to join the next generation of professional women. Every March, during Spring Break, Step Up takes 50 high school juniors on a college tour in the Bay Area. Your help is needed in the office for trip preparation. For more information, email Raven Jones '12 at

College Access – Ontario, Pomona and Claremont, CA
College Access is overseen by CEC’s Assistant Director and PhD candidate in Higher Education Administration through Claremont Graduate University, Tricia Morgan '08. Your help is needed for coordinating local outreach and programming regarding College Access including school visits, college talks, career talks, the creation of info graphics and College Access curriculum development. For more information, email Tricia Morgan '08 at

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