Pitzer College Alumni Reunion: May 2-4, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates for Alumni Reunion Weekend?
A: Friday, May 2–Sunday, May 4. 

Q: What is the date for the Orange & White Ball?
A: Saturday, May 3. 

Q: Are children allowed to attend Reunion and/or the Orange & White Ball?
A: Yes! Children are allowed to attend.
Reunion rate: 10 and under free, 11 and older are given the adult rates. We offer childcare for Friday and Saturday night. (Reserve by April 10, here)
Orange &White Ball: Children 10 and under are free and must be registered as a guest. Pre-registration is required, and all ticket sales are final.

Q: Can I bring a guest to the Orange & White Ball?
A: Yes, alumni may bring up to 3 guests ($50/person). Pre-registration is required, and all ticket sales are final. For more information about the Orange & White Ball schedule of events, visit www.pitzer.edu/orangeandwhiteball

Q: Will dinner be served?
A: Yes, dinner options for adults are Herb Roasted Chicken or Tuscan Black Kale Tofu & Sesame Stir-Fry, for children we offer a child's portion of Herb Roasted Chicken or a Veggie Wrap with Pita Chips.

Q: Why are there 3 different links for registration?
A:  Each link is targeted for a separate group: one for Alumni, one for Young Alumni (2004-2013) and one for the Orange & White Ball only. 
Registration for Alumni - entire weekend (graduates from 2003 and earlier)
Registration for Young Alumni - entire weekend (graduates from 2004-2013)
Registration for the Orange & White Ball only

Q: When does online registration close?
A: Registration closes April 27. 

Q: Are refunds available?
A: Refunds will be given until April 18. After April 18, the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations is unable to issue refunds since event arrangements (rentals, catering, etc.) will be confirmed based upon our guest counts on that date.

Q: Will I have time to spend with my classmates?
A: Yes! Although the Reunion schedule is fairly full, feel free to attend the events that are most appealing to you. Many alums coordinate separate gatherings with classmates during evenings or afternoons that work best for them.  

Q: I don’t see many 5 College events in the Reunion schedule. Where can I find a listing of other weekend activities?
A: Visit our ‘Around Campus’ section to see sporting events, cultural gatherings and more.

Q: I’m having some difficulty with the online registration process. What do I do? 
A: We’re happy to help! Email alumni@pitzer.edu with a description of your registration problem, or call the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 909.607.3145 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.