Parent Leadership Council

Members of the Council:The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) functions as the leadership and representative volunteer organization for the Pitzer College Parents Association. The PLC serves as an advisory and support body for the Office of Parent Relations, and assists with the design and implementation of programs that provide connection with families of Pitzer students and alumni.

Top row: Lynn Bodell, Mo King, Dori King, Patty Powell, Ruth Norwood, Leslie Garrison, Jamie Rawding
Bottom row: Lisa Wenger, Karen Hook, Nancy Savage, Anne Cunningham Carson, Jill Nelson, Tom Bidell,
Gary Carson
Not pictured: Renu Bhatia
, Nancy Choate, Jodie Haselkorn, Mark Haselkorn, Debbie Johnson, Yongjing Li, George Savage, Diane Van der Linde, Shirley Xing

Meet your Parent Leadership Council members here.

PLC Responsibilities:

• Represent the Pitzer College Parents Association by attending events and connecting with other parents in an effort to encourage camaraderie and an affinity for the College that will live beyond a student’s four years of education.

• Offer input to the Office of Parent Relations on programs and initiatives related to parents and families.

• Provide leadership for parent programming, including helping to create opportunities for parents and other family members to socialize and strengthen relations with the College.

• Support the College by participating on committees, sharing personal expertise and skills, and helping to develop financial and other resources to further Pitzer’s mission.

• Provide financial support for the Pitzer Annual Fund and other fundraising priorities at a level commensurate with each Council member’s ability, thereby serving as an example and motivation for other parents to contribute charitably to the College.

Your Board Members:

Anne Carson P'17, Co-President
Gary Carson P'17, Co-President
Karen Hook P'14, Immediate Past President
Renu Bhatia P'17
Thomas Bidell P'18

Lynn Bodell P'17
Nancy Choate P’14
Leslie Garrison P’14, P’15
Jodie Haselkorn P'16
Mark Haselkorn P'16
Debbie Johnson P'16
Dori King P'17

Maurice King P'17
Yongjing Li P'15
Jill Nelson P'18
Ruth Norwood P'16

Patty Powell P'15
Jamie Rawding P'14, P'17
George Savage P'15

Nancy Savage P'15
Diane Van der Linde P'15
Lisa Wenger P'16
Shirley Xing P'15

For more information about how to get involved with the Parent Leadership Council, please contact Senior Advancement Officer, Pamela Jones-Tintle at