Class of 2011

About the Senior Class Gift Competition

As you begin to think about giving back, think about: the competition, the cause and the idea. 

The Competition:
Ellen the Pig is up for grabs again! She is awarded to the Claremont College with the highest senior class participation for each school’s Senior Gift. We successfully acheieved 98% participation in 2012 and brought Ellen back to Pitzer College!

Our senior class hopes to surpass the Senior Class Gift record and would love for you to be a part of this accomplishment. We are determined to reach 100 percent participation from the Class of 2013 .

The Cause:
With deep appreciation for our Pitzer experience, the Class of 2013 decided to create a scholarship to mark our legacy after we graduate. Next fall, the Class of 2013 Scholarship will be awarded to an incoming student from the Class of 2017 who needs our support to afford the same incredible education we were so fortunate to receive.

This scholarship will provide access to all the unique opportunities Pitzer has given us as well as the chance to form the kind of lifelong friendships that we have benefitted from over the last several years. 

The Idea:
Without donations from students, alumni, parents, employees, and friends our education would not be possible. Tuition alone doesn’t cover the entire cost of our education. As we transition to becoming Pitzer alumni, giving is one way we can remain engaged with the College and ensure that Pitzer can continue to produce socially engaged citizens of our world! 

On behalf of the Class of 2013 and the entire Pitzer community, thank you for your consideration. Your generosity is greatly appreciated as it ensures that future generations of deserving Pitzer students will have the opportunities that have so significantly impacted our lives. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Andres Pena '13 & Evelyn Cheung '13

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